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Is Salt a Disinfectant? You Bet! Try the Pur-Well Living Chlor-itizer 

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This new improved version has a higher liquid capacity (500ml) and a new and improved industrial spray nozzle.

Holds EPA certification and was manufactured in a registered EPA factory.

Easily make unlimited disinfectant for under $0.10 per gallon.

The eco-friendly way to quickly turn table salt and water into a very powerful disinfectant and deodorizer.

Sterilization rate > 99.99%

Spray Bottles Effectively Kill:

  • Effective elimination of E. Coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Candida albicans

Pur Chlor-itizer One of the Best Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products is Perfect for:

  • Counter-tops
  • Sinks
  • Bathroom & Toilet
  • Door handles
  • Kids Toys
  • Anywhere you’d use Clorox Bleach & More!

The process of Electrochemically Activated Solutions – or electrolyzed saltwater has been around for centuries.

Electrolyzed water(EW) is an alternative to chlorine – and can be obtained electrolytically from diluted (15 g/L) NaCl solution by applying a voltage across an electrolytic cell.

Chloride from the solution is converted into chlorine gas – which immediately forms hypochlorite solution.

Sodium Hypochlorite solutions are a sanitizer and disinfectant – both of these uses rely on the hypochlorite’s ability to destroy microorganisms.

The same oxidative mechanism responsible for hypochlorite’s bleaching ability also makes it an effective germicide.

This mechanism was not understood at the time – but hypochlorite (in the form of bleaching powder) was used as early as 1800 to counteract bad odors associated with disease.

It has been said that no single element has played so important a role – in combating disease over the nineteenth century as chlorine in its various forms.

Sodium Hypochlorite, an active ingredient of bleach was officially discovered in 1785 – by an Italian-born French chemist named Claude Louis Berthollet.

He developed liquid cleaning agents containing sodium hypochlorite – that are able to bleach things at room temperature.

Pur Chlor-itizer Amazing Benefits

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In France, sodium hypochlorite is still known as ‘Eau de Javel’.

Near the end of the nineteenth century, E. S. Smith –  and The United Alkali Company, Limited, patented a method of hypochlorite production involving hydrolysis of brine to produce caustic soda and chlorine gas, which then mix to form hypochlorite

Both electric power and brine solution were in cheap supply at this time – and various enterprising marketers took advantage of this situation to satisfy the market’s demand for hypochlorite. It’s a good way to economically practice increased sanitization.

Environmentally Friendly Disinfectant Spray 

Through the process of electrolysis, water and salt are stimulated by an electrical current. This stimulation forces ions and atoms to interchange, which alters the pH levels of the solution. This reaction produces a hypochlorite solution akin to chlorine, perfect for use as a cleaning solution. Once applied onto surfaces, this powerful agent stops and kills harmful pathogens and bacteria, while also being non-damaging to human skin. All of this is achieved while using zero harsh chemicals and producing zero waste.

A Highly Versatile Cleaning Solution

Electrolyzed water has proven to be successful at killing 99.9% of bacteria, and its’ uses are numerous. Dish soap, tile, and hardwood flooring, and window cleaner are but a few uses for this cleaning agent. It can even be used as a hand sanitizer!

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