Pur Clean Smart Power Flosser 

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Pur-Clean Smart Water Flosser

Not only can it clean between your teeth effectively and precisely - it can also survive a ‘drop test’ of 1-meter! 

Any power flosser can shoot water in your mouth. 

However, the Pur Clean Smart Power Flosser - has been designed to elevate your mouth to a whole new level! 

The ultimate in tooth protection - plaque elimination and fresh breath: 

With new ‘drop-resistant technology!

Let’s face it when you floss and care for your teeth, your hands can become wet and slippery - even responsible adults can lose grip on a flosser or toothbrush. 

The problem is, you’ll drop the unit on the shower or bathroom floor - which is hard surface tile. Most power flossers and power toothbrushes we’ve tested can shatter and break.

We had that in mind when we ‘over-built the Pur Clean Smart Power Flosser.

We wanted technology that would keep it fully operational - even after being dropped from over 1- meter! 

Furthermore, it has one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market.  - a single charge can last over 30 uses! 

Pur Well Living Water Flosser Product Specifications:

  • Deep cleans – even the most stubborn plaque between teeth 
  • Gently whiten – removing stains and adding brilliance 
  • Pulsate gums – the most overlooked aspect of dental care for the prevention of bad breath, tooth decay, and oral cancer 
  • Long-lasting – thirty (30) uses on a single charge!  (Unheard of and 2x to 3x longer than the nearest competitor) 
  • Ultra-quiet – designed to reduce sounds and head irritation 
  • Fully waterproof IPX7– Can keep it underwater FOREVER! 
  • Water pressure range - 30-100 PSI 
  • Water jet frequency - 1400-1800 times per minute 
  • Water tank capacity - 200 ml 
  • Operational mode - 4-modes - light, medium, strong, pulsating 
  • Waterproof - IXP7 (fully waterproof) 
  • Nozzle - 360-degree to get front, back, top of all teeth 
  • Casing - FDA certified food-grade materials 
  • Timer - two (2) minute auto timer 
  • Can survive a drop from up to one meter 

Benefits of Pur Clean Smart Water Flosser for Home Oral Care:

  • Reduces inflammation - Unlike string floss where string abrasion can damage and irritate gums, water power flossers easily move around the gaps of teeth, eliminating friction. This leads to a more pleasurable flossing experience.
  • A safer method for braces, dentures, and implants - Flossing with braces or dentures can often lead to string getting caught and stuck. Flossing with Pur Clean Smart Water Flosser removes this risk and allows the user to safely maneuver the device around the mouth without fear of getting anything caught.
  • Helps prevent Periodontitis - Periodontitis is an infection of the gums brought on by bacteria. It can damage soft tissue in the mouth, and if left untreated can damage bones that support teeth and even cause teeth to loosen or fall out. Water power flossers have proven to be highly effective in removing and preventing Periodontis, reaching beneath the gum lines to get a full clean.
  • Easier to use - String flossing can be challenging to use, especially when trying to reach teeth far back in the mouth. Clean water flossers can easily be used within seconds, reaching and cleaning teeth areas that string floss struggles to get.

Your teeth and gums will feel better after the first use. 

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