Pur Well UV Light Toothbrush Sterilizer (Home Unit)

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UV Toothbrush Sterilizer (Home Unit)

We brush our teeth to keep our teeth free from food and stains but it’s more than that - we also do so to keep our gums and mouth tissue healthy and have fresh breath. 

At any given time we have millions of bacterium in our mouths - while brushing, flossing, and mouth-wash are great to fight bacteria in your mouth, bacteria will accumulate on your brush. 

When you leave your toothbrush on your counter, in a drawer, toiletry bag, or hanging on a clip it will accumulate additional bacteria and microorganisms. 

While it might seem ideal to replace your toothbrush or brush heads (for sonic toothbrushes) constantly, the reality is that you don’t have to - in fact, sterilize and ensure you are doing everything necessary to keep healthy and bacteria-free.

Have a cold, a cough or worse? - Avoid reinfecting yourself each and every occurrence when brushing your teeth by sterilizing.  

PW Family UV B100 Light Sterilizer (Supports 5-users):

  • Holds up to 5-toothbrush heads and toothpaste container
  • Comes with adhesives for mounting
  • IPX5 waterproof grade
  • Battery Life - can work 12-times after full charge
  • Intelligent built-in 8-min timer
  • Above 99.8% disinfection rate

The UV toothbrush sterilizer promotes good oral hygiene. This oral care unit works with manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes.

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