Pur Phon-itizer UV Phone Sanitizer Cell Phone Cleaner + Charger

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Pur Phon-itizer Phone Sanitizer

  • Phone Sanitizer - Sanitize, disinfect and charge your phone!

  • Your smartphone is even grosser than you thought! 

  • Our phones have become essential - whether you use them to text, type, or talk - our phones seem to have become an extension of our bodies. 

  • But did you know - your phone is one of the dirtiest things that you handle? 

  • Chances are - there are more types of bacteria on it than the average toilet seat. 

  • Toilet seat comparisons are fun - but really it should be no surprise since your phone comes into contact with so much more of yourself and the world — and toilet seats are usually cleaned more frequently. 

  • Studies have found many different types of bacteria and viruses on phones.  

  • It's common to find bacteria that live on the skin and in the respiratory tract - as well as bacteria that live in fecal matter. 

  • And while most of those bacteria won't make you sick - they're not all completely harmless.  

Various studies have found: 
  • E. coli 
  • MRSA 
  • Streptococcus 
  • Influenza 
  • and many other species living on mobile phones 

 UV Phone Sanitizer- Cell Phone Cleaner and Charger

It’s fair to say if you think it’s important to clean a toilet seat - it’s even more important to clean your phone! 

But how? 

You really can't get your phone wet or spray liquids (even screen sanitizers) on your device - without the risk of clouding the screen or ruining the device. 

Good news - no liquid required! 

With the advancement of small Ultra Violet lamps from the medical community - comes the safe way to clean and protect our devices. 

Pur Phon-itizer Phone Sanitizer Product Features:

Dual UV lamp - Disinfects up to 99.99% of bacteria

UV light - This incredible UV sanitizer uses UV light to sanitize your phone

Rapid - Complete clean in under 5-minutes

Wireless Qi phone charger - with compatible Qi charging devices

Wired phone charging - with a cord for older or non-Qi capable phones

Not only should your device recharge - so should you!

Pur Phon-itizer is Aromatherapy Compatible - use your favorite scent of essential oil to rejuvenate your senses (Essential Oils Not Included)

Pur Phon-itizer So Much More than a Cell Phone Cleaner

And there’s more - not only can the Pur Phon-itizer sanitize, disinfect and charge your phone, it can also be used with other often used but seldom sanitized items, including: 

  • Powerbanks 
  • Jewelry 
  • Eye-glasses 
  • Pens 
  • Masks
  • Baby toys 
  • And more! 

Other similar models sell for $100 or more. 

What's Included?

Pur Phon-itizer UV Phone Sanitizer comes:

Sterilizer, User manual, External power cord, and mobile cleaning cloth (note: the color of cleaning cloth may vary)

Pur Phon-itizer Model: PURSC-19 

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