Pur Touchless Key Door Opener (2-Pack)

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Pur Touchless Key

We’re now living in the age of touchless.

How do you feel about touching:

  • A public door handle?
  • ATM touchpad?
  • Your Uber driver's door handles?
  • Elevator buttons?

These things are gross even during the best of times - but especially during the days of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

CDC guidelines:

  • Wash hands frequently
  • Use hand sanitizers when washing isn’t possible
  • Maintain social distancing

This is all great advice that you should follow - but sometimes it isn’t always practical or available to follow these guidelines.

Pur Touchless Key benefits:

  • Avoid contact with public surfaces like doors, store checkouts, and sharing buttons
  • Strong-Made of 100%metal: zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloy for strength and durability.
  • Design-Easily open doors, press buttons & pull levers
  • Lightweight at just 0.9 ounces Reduce point-of-contact area by over 99%
  • Compact-Easily keep in your pocket or purse

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